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Neil Marsh
Play Therapist in Leighton Buzzard

About Play Therapy
About Play Therapy 17th May 2022 

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What is Play Therapy?

Play is crucial for the development of children physically, emotionally and socially. Play is the language children use to express themselves. Play Therapy allows children to rediscover this important and natural process. This is achieved by using the play therapy toolkit. This includes:-
  • Sand tray and miniatures
  • Drawing and painting
  • Puppets and Masks
  • Drama and role-play
  • Music
  • Books and story telling
  • Creative Visualization and relaxation
  • Games

    Play Therapy enables a child to explore both real and imaginary worlds in a safe, confidential and caring environment. The sessions are client led which allows them to work at their own pace. Play Therapy allows children to find ways of solving problems and difficulties in their own way. It can help them to move on and find new ways of achieving.

    My main work is with children adolescents and teenagers. I believe that I am a dedicated and enthusiastic professional who can make a difference in your childs life.

    You can e-mail or call me on 07925514315 if you would like to discuss your childs individual needs or any other questions you need answering.

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